Located in the Starlake – Tay Ho Tay project (186.3 ha), invested by Daewoo E&C Group, Starlake Apartment is located in Block H9CT1, designed to include 24 floors with 603 luxury apartments. There are 2 basements and 3 commercial floors. To meet the demand for living and accommodation of residents: shopping centers, swimming pools, kindergartens, international schools, libraries, sports centers, greenery gardens, hanging gardens, children’s play area…

Project Overview

Prime Location

  • The project is connected with the West Lake – where the spirit of convergence and good land to live (just 7 minutes to walk to West Lake and 3 minutes to Hoang Quoc Viet).
  • The modern synchronous social infrastructure has easy access to Noi Bai International Airport (20 minutes), 4 urban districts and functional urban areas.
  • The government chooses to set up a new administration center in Hanoi.

High investment value

  • The last urban area is located in 4 urban districts are invested synchronous, modern, complete
  • Potential value for rental is a major strength of Starlake because the project is a gathering of eight government departments, 13 embassies and 25 Grade A office buildings.
  • Has the potential to attract secondary investors, prioritizing the development of the largest Korean community in Hanoi.

Living environment class

  • With 186.3 hectares of gold land in the center of Hanoi, 84% of the area is for greenery, water and public works. Starlake offers residents the opportunity to experience the comfort and convenience of a super project in Hanoi.
  • To enjoy the modern and world-class social infrastructure: Thang Long theater, 03 international schools, 02 big hotels, high-class commercial center … to meet all demands bridge life of the inhabitants.

Typical for the Korean Style

  • The blocks are arranged diagonally to create a wide view for every apartment.
  • Diversity in design: the typical and flexible design creates soft, free and delicate spaces that optimize the light, wind convection.
  • Low density building (603 apartments on 2.5 ha area with a density of 6-8 units per floor)
  • Three-tier security system, with special focus on safety, most modern fire protection in the world.

(*) Note: Official website is under contruction and will be available in May, 2018