• The best of its kind infrastructure ever built in Hanoi




    The most modern, comprehensive, world-class infrastructure exclusively designed for STARLAKE residents satisfies present and future requirements of Hanoi Master Plan 2030 and beyond.
    An all-in-one city where you experience the best-ever facilities in a perfect complex for residence, first-class offices, cultural exchange, global education, shopping and recreation.




    Excellent Business Environment
    Applying advanced technology in design and construction of financial & commercial towers, STARLAKE creates a professional workplace for expartriates and locals.


    New Administrative Town
    The Government’s relocation of National Administrative Center, Diplomatic Compound and National cultural masterpieces boosts STARLAKE’s status as Hanoi’s new administrative town, the venue of diplomatic delegations, cultural events and global businesses.



    First-class Cultural Lifestyle
    Opera House – a world-class performing art center – a new symbol of Hanoi culture.
    The first-ever Cultural and Recreational Street in Hanoi.
    In STARLAKE, you will experience and be surprised by the culture and tradition of Vietnam and the world on display à la Broadway (USA), or Venice (Italy), or Times Square (USA).


    Shopping Paradise
    A shopping complex with the most advanced commercial facilities in the world, for a high-class and modern lifestyle.
    An ideal zone for expatriates and locals for working, shopping, networking and relaxing.
    World-class infrastructure to accomodate classy hotels and shopping centers to satisfy demand of STARLAKE residents, visitors and businesses.



    Eco-Friendly – A Dream City For The Eco Conscious
    The circulation of air and water in Westlake, the connection of green spaces and functionality of beautiful lakes create a clean and fresh environment.
    Adjacent to Peace Park, Friendship Park, Westlake Water Park, refining and classy STARLAKE is harmonious with the green spaces and water spaces of the surroundings, thus creating an ideal living environment for the residents.


    Global Education
    Land set aside for educational space accounts for 8 hectares, STARLAKE shows its special concern for comprehensive education at all levels. Qualyfied schools on a par with global standards will proudly rise among the nearby pre-existing UNIS, SIS, CAS, Hanoi Academy etc.
    Close to respected Universities of Vietnam, STARLAKE residents have close with access to higher education.