Hanoi real estate in the second half of 2020: the golden time to “spend money”

0 comments Big buildings January 9, 2021

After a volatile second quarter with the order of social isolation and a new normal period, real estate experts believe that long-term investors and real-life buyers can completely “spend money” for prestigious projects.



The report on the real estate market in the second quarter of 2020 of shows that the recovery of the Hanoi real estate market is showing signs of strong growth again in the past quarter. This is attributed in large part to the ability to well control the disease situation in Hanoi. As a result, at the present time, the real estate market has also been “hot” again when the supply is on the momentum of rapid recovery after a long period of silence, in parallel with the number of people interested in searching for real estate also increased significantly.


The epidemic situation also made the habit and behavior of buying a house in Hanoi to change significantly. In addition to focusing on the living environment, capital residents tend to seek and need to settle in high-end urban areas with central locations, synchronous infrastructure, smart planning, modern design and green living spaces. “Based on the demand of the market and the attitude of buying houses of the people, many big investors – besides providing a project with a good quality of life, have decided to increase more promotional packages to support customer. For example, the Starlake project is an example”, said the expert.



Accordingly, the H9 Starlake luxury apartment project invested and built by Daewoo E&C Group – a leading unit in the Korean real estate industry has a full preferential policy with attractive discounts up to 9% for customers who have fully paid 95% of the value of the apartment and received the house on time; or support customers with 0% interest rate bank loan package within 18 months.


The project is also evaluated as one of the rare urban areas in the West Lake area, both located in a prime location and possessing a plan, design, space and dreamy green living environment. Inspired by the breath of modern Korean life, harmonious with the quintessence of Vietnamese culture, this place is well planned and designed to give residents a comfortable living experience.



At Starlake apartments, it is not difficult for customers to feel the difference in every small detail through the luxurious LDK design style of the bedroom; arranged in a variety of utilities on one floor; ideal ceiling height up to 2,7 – 2,9 m; micro-dust filter two-way air conditioning system; PVC window frames are resistant to deformation due to temperature differences or the floor with a thickness of up to 240mm to help reduce noise between floors…


Not only that, Starlake project also owns a comprehensive utility system including outdoor swimming pool, indoor golf course, gym & fitness, green park, entertainment area, tennis court, ball soccer, basketball, roller skating, outdoor yoga, …



According to VNDIRECT’s assessment, the real estate market will strongly recover from the fourth quarter of 2020 thanks to the promotion of public investment, especially infrastructure development. Compared to the same period last year, or even the future – the first quarter of 2021, this time is the most ideal time that the customers and investors should not miss. Therefore, projects with attractive sales policies with good construction quality and good planning such as H9 Starlake Apartment are evaluated by experts as a worthy option for both groups of consumers which are investors and customers.