Starlake apartment – Free management fee for customers up to 05 years

0 comments Big buildings June 17, 2019

Pursuant to the Commercial Law, Decree No. 81/2018 / ND-CP dated May 22nd 2018 of the Government detailing the Commercial Law on trade promotion activities, THT Development Co., Ltd. announced the program promotion detail as follows:


Support Starlake apartment customers 100% of the management fee within 05 years from the date of handover unit (from 30.10.2020 to 30.10.2025)


Customer who receiving this promotion:


– Customers sign a SPC to buy Starlake apartment – H9CT1 from June 16th 2019 to October 13th 2019


– Customers are Vietnamese


– Only apply this promotion program when customers have paid 95% of apartment value according to payment schedule & receive house handover from investor THT on time (schedule Payment and delivery date are mentioned in the SPC).