Starlake – West of Westlake urban area, a new focal point of the real estate

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Without pompous marketing as many other projects on the market, but suddenly, the entire 182 villas and adjacent apartments in Hanoi Starlake urban areas are ordered in a short time. Selling prices ranged from 113 ~ 130 million/m2 depending on the location, that means, customers are willing to “dig into their pockets” at least 16.3 billion to own an adjacent apartments or 21 billion to buy a villas.




The reason why Starlake is “hunted” by buyers and real estate investors is “gold values” of this project.

The first “Gold value” of Starlake is the prime location. Located in the west of West Lake, this is a fresh, cool habitat area, where the rich and foreigners choose to live. With one side adjacent to Vo Chi Cong Street, one side to Pham Van Dong Street and Ring Road 2,5 passing through the center, it’s easy to access to the city center from Starlake, Noi Bai International Airport and new My Dinh urban center within 10-20 minutes.

More specifically, according to the planning of Hanoi 2020, West – West Lake urban area is one of five centers of trade, finance and culture in the south of the Red River. Starlake located in the central core of the West Lake urban area, that is the position of “center of the center”.




The trend of strong urbanization to the west of Hanoi, along with plans to build the headquarters of the ministries in the middle of Starlake urban will intensify the real estate value of this area, especially residential land because it only accounts for 16% of total 186,3ha. So many investors did not hesitate “pay money” to buy Starlake villas, adjacent apartments at the present time.

Especially, they expected to attract a lot of investors and Korean enterprises here because the project investor is Daewoo E & C – the most reputed company building in Korea. Currently, Korea is one of the largest investment partners in Vietnam, so this is also contributing to the increase of real estate values here.




30 ~ 40 years ago, the Gangnam district in Korea is whole farm and the land price is very cheap. After the Korean government planning, large corporations based transfer here, the value of real estate strong increased, and Gangnam is one of those areas with the highest real estate prices in Seoul now. With the fast speed of urbanization to the west of Hanoi and professional reputable plan of Daewoo E & C, many investors expect that real estate prices will increase like Gangnam in the near future.

(According to TTDN)