H9 Starlake – apartment designed in Korean style modern

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Owning a luxury apartment with fully furnished Korean luxury brands is the dream of many people. Understanding this, Daewoo E&C has invested and built the Starlake Tay Ho Tay high-end apartment project to provide apartments with high-class Korean-style design, fully meeting the needs of foreigners living in Vietnam and also senior leaders.



Exquisite design for a unique experience


Daewoo E&C Group with extensive experience in project development in more than 47 countries around the world, together with a team of experts and leading technology know-how, promises to make Starlake a world-class urban area set with a full range of amenities of a “green” living environment in harmony with nature. Starlake is one of the few projects in Vietnam that Koreans are interested in developing facilities: entertainment area, convenience supermarket, training and entertainment center is right on 3 commercial floors of the building.


For homeowners, especially the upper class, and senior officials, enjoying a comfortable and luxurious living space is the most important factor. Therefore, this is of primary concern when designing each apartment at Starlake apartment complex. Each apartment here is perfectly designed in every detail, with classy interior equipment and exquisite Korean standard space, providing the best life for the owner.


Especially the H9CT1 Starlake area is located in the Starlake urban area of Tay Ho Tay with scale up to 84% of the area for trees, water surface and community works. Thereby, Starlake wants to give residents the opportunity to experience the conveniences and conveniences of a super project in the heart of Hanoi such as garden space, children’s play area, golf course, children’s cafe, swimming pool … The landscape at Starlake is designed according to a 5-star resort: residents can enjoy all internal amenities as well as project facilities. Dewey International School will be in operation in the first quarter of 2021.



In addition, the security and safety system of the building is absolutely guaranteed with a 4-layer security system: security outside the whole project, protection area of the apartment, magnetic card checking into the apartment, camera corridor monitoring. In particular, Daewoo investor focuses on investment in fire protection infrastructure with the world’s leading technology capable of early warning, interlocking fire fighting and automatic fire extinguishing without human intervention. Ensure absolute safety for Starlake residents.


Starlake apartment is also the place chosen by many customers because the location of the apartment blocks is designed diagonally and the distance between the blocks just enough space for all apartments. Typical and flexible design creates soft living spaces, optimizing light and receiving wind into each apartment.


Prime location in Hanoi


Starlake urban area is located in the “golden” land of Hanoi, Starlake offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the conveniences of a high-class megacity in the heart of Hanoi. This area is where the Government of Vietnam has chosen to locate the headquarters of the Ministries, the Korean Embassy, the Diplomatic Corps, the national cultural works.


Starlake is 5km from the center of Hanoi city and 14km from Noi Bai international airport along Nhat Tan – Noi Bai expressway, very convenient traffic to the administrative areas of Hanoi. Moreover, Starlake is ranked on the main axis of the industrial zone Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Yamaha, Canon, Samsung Bac Ninh, so many foreign experts in Korea and Japan choose to rent or buy houses here.



Having a prime location for feng-shui of Hanoi – Starlake is located on the axis of West Lake – Ba Vi – the spiritual axis of Hanoi, surrounded and protected by two large mountain circuits, Tam Dao (east) and Ba Vi (West). Known as the spirit of the flying dragon of Thang Long, West Lake is the place where the spirit converges, the feng shui of the city, the prosperous life. Therefore, many senior leaders of Vietnam and Korea have chosen Starlake as the residence.


Starting to hand over the house from Q4 / 2020 to the present time, Starlake Tay Ho Tay investor has handed over nearly 400 out of a total of 603 apartments in which more than 100 homeowners have moved in. In addition, a number of other customers are also urgently moving furniture to the apartment as soon as possible – before the Lunar New Year.


Potential to reap benefits


In the context that the real estate market at the end of 2020 to early 2021 recovers and thrives, the need to buy real estate for living or to invest is also increasing, especially the request to buy high-end apartments – can receive home immediately thanks to quality guaranteed and legal.


The current housing market is also moving gradually to a long-term planning investment trend, not for surfing investors to buy and sell in the next 3-6 months. The best evidence for this is that although in 2020, demand will decline, in early 2021 the real estate market has grown again.


Currently, many projects are behind schedule, affecting the economy after Covid-19, so people pay much attention to the investor’s commitment and progress handover. This is also the reason that projects with good planning, construction, progress, committed to early handover such as Starlake Tay Ho Tay project clearly always “sell well”.


This is a real estate opportunity that cannot be ignored for customers after months of “staying in hiding” for Covid-19. Especially, projects with beautiful locations, smart planning and synchronous utilities such as H9CT1 Starlake apartment promise to be the first choice for customers’ “spending” decision. Moreover, after the Tet holiday, it is predicted that Starlake will launch many preferential policies when buying apartments here. This is a good opportunity for real estate investors to get out of hand ‘on the occasion of the new year.