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The high-end apartments satisfy the living needs and enjoy the elite are favored by the rich. In addition to expensive brand-name goods or cars, luxury apartments located in the modern urban center are how the elite assert their own quality of life.


In the world, high-end apartments that show luxury and satisfy the needs of enjoying life often conquer the rich, successful politicians, businessmen or celebrities. The common point of most luxury apartments in the world is the prime location in administrative and economic centers for easy working and meeting with partners.


Living in luxury apartments, the lives of high-end owners are cared for and fully served by a combination of premium services … All are professionally operated and designed, creating luxurious perks that is worthy of its owner.


Recently, due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many investors are keeping a safe mind, observing the market, but have not yet invested money. However, despite the epidemic, with limited apartment fund and the scarcity of products offered to the market, luxury real estate products still increase in price and “sold out”.


In that context, real valuable products such as Starlake luxury apartments, although expensive, still do not make investors hesitate to spend money. Starlake is a product with outstanding quality, attractive price increase potential with flexible connection location, modern luxurious design, 5-star interior, high-class urban planning.



Starlake apartment complex – Why not spending billions to own?


Starlake has a guarantee from the investor’s brand. Daewoo E&C with extensive project development experience in more than 47 countries has created for Hanoi a world-class urban area that is Starlake New Town, especially is Starlake apartment in the 1st phase of this urban, which is synchronous with all the amenities of “green” living environment, in harmony with nature, besides functional areas such as administration, hotel, education, commerce and entertainment.


Construction progress is also one of the important factors that investors look at in project evaluation at present. Spread over the total land area of 2.5 hectares but the construction density is only 31.2%. Starlake is built quickly by Daewoo E&C on schedule and handed over with the 24-storey apartment complex, including 03 buildings: 901, 902 and 903, 01 floors under is spent for commercial area with famous brands such as: K-market, Shinhanbank …and 02 basements for parking connecting 3 buildings. Types of apartment are from 2 to 4 bedrooms, “top-notch” interior in terms of aesthetics, high quality imported “luxury” furnitures from famous brands in the world.


In the capital real estate market, Starlake is one of the rare projects with a stable investment cash flow that many investors choose to be a “gold point”. With the price from 51 million / sqm, the elite race to spend “billions” to own the last pink books of Starlake.



Starlake – The right place with high quality – Worthy of class


Not only high-ranking officials and famous artists, “super” luxury apartments like Starlake are having a strong attraction to wealthy merchants. They come to Starlake because the apartments are really classy to enjoy a luxurious and regal life. And above all enjoyment, Starlake also helps the elite to assert their own level.


There are many ways the elite assert their class, be it an expensive car hunting or collect a series of “huge” value brands … But if you can not own a worthy apartment, maybe that level is still yet to be confirmed, that’s the reason why the elite are rushing on checking their names on the map of Starlake Luxury Apartment Complex in the Central Area of Tay Ho Tay Urban Area. Starlake is located in the “golden” position – the place where the dragon is, where the Earth converges, intersects the Azure Dragon in the East, Vermilion Bird in the south, the Black Tortoise in the North and the White Tiger in the West.


In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the economy has been greatly affected, but the demand for real estate has been increasing significantly, but investors and contractors still keep the prices of Starlake apartments stable, investor even distributed this project to the market also launched a number of sales policies with ” unbelievable big “incentives:
– Promotion on the value of the house: The promotion value is up to 13% when the customer pays 95% of the apartment value.
– Support for all types of service fees: Interest-free loans up to 24 months, free parking, free management services …


To immediately own an apartment at Starlake H9, please contact:
STARLAKE New Town – The Central Area of Tay Ho Tay Urban Area
– Hotline: 0961 669 379
– Facebook:


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