“Attraction” from the commercial podium business market

0 comments Big buildings January 9, 2021

Developing service trade in apartment blocks has become one of the most popular business forms. Accordingly, this real estate segment also attracts a lot of market attention.


Vietnam is a potential retail market


With a population of more than 95 million, a high proportion of the young population and living in urban areas, living standards and infrastructure systems are increasingly synchronized, Vietnam is considered as one of the potential market for retailers worldwide. It is proved that many foreign “big companies” did not hesitate to invest in Vietnam such as Lotte Mart, 7-Eleven, Zara, H&M …


According to a study by A.T. Kearney, Vietnam ranked 6th in global retail development index, higher than some developed markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. The JLL report also shows that, with a stable economic development and a per capita income of 12% annually over the past 10 years, Vietnam’s retail industry has great growth potential.


The retail podium proved its attraction


With high levels of consumer confidence and household spending, Vietnam’s retail sales are expected to maintain double-digit growth in the coming years.


This is considered as one of the major levers, boosting the demand for business property ownership in commercial podiums, especially podiums of high-end apartment projects located in prime locations. Because when compared to a shopping center, the commercial center of high-end apartments will have a stable and potential source of customers, bring a bustling and busy trading environment to help business efficiency.


That is also the reason why commercial podiums in high-end projects such as H9 Starlake apartment complex of Daewoo E&C investor strongly attract the attention of the market.


Conveniently located at the gate of Tay Ho Tay – the area oriented to become the new administrative center of the capital, the H9 Starlake apartment block of commercial space with 3 floors of commercial podium connected all three buildings: 901, 902, 903, with a total area of up to 7000m2, flexible distribution of retail cells from 25m2 – 313m2 with competitive price. Possessing a potential source of customers from 1200 apartments in 2 sub-apartment areas and about 650 lots of high-end villas & adjacent apartments, this place promises to bring a busy trading environment, optimal business performance for the owner. In the last two quarters of 2019, big brands such as Everon bedding store at Club House building inside the urban area have officially come into operation … proving the attraction of this product.


With a limited number and progress of completion as committed by the investor (handed over on October 30th, 2020), H9 Starlake commercial podium is considered as a competitive product in the market because otherwise quickly grasping the market, not all investors can own. Besides, being located in one of the busiest high-end apartment complexes in the region also makes this product attractive to investors because of its sustainable profitability and acquisition of the potential retail market derived from the needs of residents inside and outside the area.