DAEWOO E&C Group awarded 3 billion VND to the Blind Support Fund sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment

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On the morning of October 17, 2023, at the Great Hall of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, DAEWOO Engineering & Construction (E&C) Group officially awarded a grant of 3 billion VND for 3 years, from 2023 to 2025 (1 billion VND each year) for the Blind Support Fund sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment.


The support of DAEWOO E&C Group in the next 3 years will help Vietnam support visually impaired people in society to have opportunities to rise and develop. This is a very humane job, demonstrating the spirit of sharing and love between people from different countries but all have one thing in common, which is for the development of the community, for a good society. more beautiful, leaving no one behind in the development process.



In 2019, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung launched the spirit of Pride in Vietnam & the Program for Community Development, from which the Ministry of Planning and Investment officially sponsored 8 disadvantaged groups. Also in 2019, the Minister launched the White Cane Journey for the Blind in Vietnam to directly support the blind community.


Since then, the series of programs Vietnam Vitality, Vietnam Vastness, Vietnam Love, Every Citizen is a Messenger… was born, contributing to the formation of a humane culture and a kind lifestyle in the Industry. and the impact of spreading good values to the Government agency system.


Since its inception until now, the “Program for Community Development and the White Cane Initiative for the Blind in Vietnam”, through the Vietnam Association of the Blind and the Blind Associations of provinces and cities, has awarded over 20,000 white canes for the blind from 53 provinces and cities across the country; At the same time, it has also sponsored training courses on using white canes for visually impaired students in the Northern, Central and Southern regions to use white canes safely and effectively.


The idea of “White Cane for the Blind in Vietnam” was agreed upon by the leadership of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, setting out the policy and determination to carry out a number of social activities that have practical significance and are specifically aimed at materialize the guidelines, policies, and laws of the Party and State, respond to movements aimed at the community and vulnerable people, and arouse and promote the nation’s good and compassionate cultural traditions throughout the agency, and from there, spread love, sharing, and help to each other throughout society.



Speaking at the grant awarding event, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc said: “On behalf of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Minister personally, I thank and appreciate the contributions of DAEWOO E&C Group Besides investment activities, there are activities demonstrating community social responsibility.”


The Deputy Minister shared that currently, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is sponsoring 8 disadvantaged groups, including the Vietnam Blind Network with the spirit of promoting love, humanity, and kindness, and this is an action breathtaking between people. Minister Nguyen Chi Dung wants to spread this love to everyone and related organizations.


According to incomplete statistics, Vietnam has over 3 million visually impaired people. The program launched by the Minister of Planning and Investment is the first step, with the desire to share with blind brothers and sisters so they can rise up, and have convenience in life, ensuring sustainable development of the community.


With the support of 3 billion VND from DAEWOO E&C Group, leaders of the Ministry of Planning and Investment committed to moving to production facilities and committed to accompanying the Blind Association to help blind people master the use of white canes so that the white cane really means something to them.



Mr. Kim Bo-hyun, Vice President of Daewoo E&C said: “Daewoo E&C has established an ESG management system to become a 100-year-old company and realize the sustainability of the future community, fully implementing its responsibility our responsibilities as members of Vietnamese society”.


Daewoo Engineering & Construction entered Vietnam in 1990 before official diplomatic relations between the two countries were signed and implemented many projects, including Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi. Currently, we are implementing the Tay Ho Tay urban center project (Starlake City), the first Korean-style new city in Hanoi, Vietnam as well as participating in the area development project population in Phu Quoc, a recently noticed tourist destination.


A leader of Daewoo Engineering & Construction THT Group said, “Daewoo Engineering & Construction is pursuing the second and third Starlake City projects not only in Hanoi but also in other areas of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City and plans to expand into infrastructure sectors and new and renewable energy businesses.”


Some pictures at the event of DAEWOO E&C Group awarding a grant of VND 3 billion to the Blind Support Fund sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment: