Starlake apartment complex handed over the first apartments

0 comments Big buildings January 9, 2021

Keeping the commitment on construction progress, Starlake Tay Ho Tay luxury apartment complex, invested by THT Development Co., Ltd., handed over the first apartments.


Keep on schedule as committed


From the beginning of November 2020, THT Development Co., Ltd., the investor of Starlake urban area has handed over the keys to the first residents according to the committed schedule. Up to now, one month after the handover work has been carried out, more than 300 households have received houses, many of whom have moved their furniture in to live, and some others are hiring an interior design unit to be able to be completed soon to move in before the 2021 Lunar New Year.


Ms. Pham Hong Minh was so excited and happy to receive the house: “I choose Starlake to invest because the traffic infrastructure around here is very convenient, many ministries and agencies and embassies of countries will move here. There are also many industrial parks along the ring road 2 and 3, so many foreign engineers and experts come to rent houses. When I come to receive the handover, I see that the quality as well as the construction progress, the landscape are as committed and complete quickly”.


Sharing the same mood with Ms. Minh, Mr. Nguyen Quang Viet excitedly went to check every detail of the handover in the house, what this room will be for, what tree will this corner put in, and how it will be decorated. According to Mr. Viet, the airy space, many green trees, many play places for children, and the convenience of the area make his family satisfied when choosing Starlake as a home for his family.



With the desire to ensure the operation and management right after the handover, THT Investor has chosen CBRE Vietnam (Holding company is one of the world’s largest commercial real estate investment and service company in the US) to take on the responsibility of operation and management of the H9CT1 Starlake apartment complex. Ms. Dang Phuong Hang, General Director of CBRE Vietnam said that she will strictly implement the fire safety management, engineering, security, sanitation, maintenance management and supervision of service contractors according to the comprehensive, on-site management, reporting tools and effective cost management measures.


As can be seen, adhering to the commitment to construction progress and selecting a big reputable management unit has helped THT investors not only strengthen the trust in the first residents of the Starlake apartment complex, but also help future customers more secure when choosing to buy a home here. With its outstanding advantages in the high-end real estate market, Starlake is really the ideal choice for settling and investing in business.



Which house buying trend is on the throne?


In the context of the year-end real estate market recovering and developing strongly, the need to buy real estate for living or investment is also increasing, especially the need to buy affordable apartments with high quality thanks to assurance and legality.


“In the context of the market with many projects still behind schedule due to the post-Covid-19 economic crisis, people pay much attention to the investor’s commitment and progress of handover. This is also the reason that projects with good quality planning, construction, good progress, early and clear commitment to handover are always “hot”. THT’s H9CT1 Starlake luxury apartment complex is an example”, said a real estate expert.



Not only that, with a construction density of only 31% and an impressive Korean-style design, H9CT1 Starlake Luxury Apartment Complex also creates green living space, helping future residents to have different life experiences, comfortable lifestyle like world-class urban areas.


In particular, in addition to excellent facilities and infrastructure, H9CT1 Starlake also owns a sales policy with an attractive promotion up to 9% for customers who have paid 95% of the value of the apartment and received the house on time; 0% interest rate support for bank loans within 18 months, a gift of up to 5 years free service management fees from the date of handing over the apartment and interior package up to VND 60 million.


Real estate at the end of 2020 has recovered and been growing again. This is a real estate investment opportunity that cannot be ignored for customers after months of “hiding” because of Covid-19. In particular, projects with beautiful locations, smart planning and comprehensive facilities such as H9CT1 Starlake promise to be the first choice to promote customers’ decisions “spending money”.