Starlake – Very big flag 200m2 to cheer up U23 Vietnam team

0 comments Big buildings January 23, 2018

After the convincing victory of the U23 Vietnam team with Iraq in the quarter-finals 20-1, the social network filled with congratulations coach teacher Park Hang-seo.


This surprising victory has brought happiness to football fans and broke the historical milestone for Vietnamese football, for the first time in Vietnam so deep in a continental football tournament. At the same time, Vietnam is also the only South-East Asian representative to have been so deep. U23’s next opponent in Vietnam will be Qatar U23 at 15h this afternoon.


Together in this joyous atmosphere, THT Board of Directors – Investor of Starlake Urban Project also expressed their feelings with the idea of creating a huge flag with size up to 200m2 to cheering and companion with U23 Vietnam.


Mr Chun Dae Am – General Director of THT said, “Going to the semi-finals has been a great success for coach Park Hang Seo. However, Koreans are also very much looking forward to U23 Vietnam was the final match of the Korean U23 team in the final. ”