Real estate experts evaluate “standard” apartment of Starlake

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Luxury apartments, which own so many factors such as legal transparency, reputable investors, good progress and expensive locations, … are targeted for all investors and elites, try to get for themselves a “million-dollar book”.


Many investors believe that, currently on the rare market, it is possible to find truly unique and bright real estate projects to be able to make outstanding profits. In all real estate segments, hunting for high-potential projects is a difficult problem for all investors, forcing investors to be flexible and have the right strategy to create the profit. Especially in the luxury real estate segment, the type is still considered the “rare and hard to find” type.


Many controversies about “luxury” meaning


In the past 2020, the real estate market in Hanoi has continuously appeared many condominium projects for sale with prices from 80-110 million / sqm, an unit has an area from 100sqm, according to the price above, each apartment cost from 10 – 15 billion. With this terrible price, the investor of these project are called it by “luxury”, “super luxury” and “ultra-luxury” although in fact it only appears on … papers.


Investors are very optimistic about the market’s ability to sell. According to the Knight Frank report, the number of millionaires in Vietnam now surpasses 12,000 and is forecasted to increase by nearly 16,000 by 2023, so the luxury apartment segment has a solid source of visitors. However, the standard evaluation criteria of luxury apartments are still becoming a controversial topic for researchers and investors.



Experts evaluate “standard luxury” of Starlake apartment


Real estate experts say that, if only considering the criteria for serving people, the Starlake Apartment Complex project currently meets 10 criteria, more than luxury standards that market research firms are making suggestions.


First, “Golden position in the real estate village”, Starlake owns a strategic location connecting with the West Lake space, and is where the spirit converges, the good land to live in. It takes only 5 minutes walk from Hoang Quoc Viet Street and 10 minutes to West Lake. Starlake is directly connected to the modern transportation infrastructure of the city: only 25 minutes to Noi Bai international airport, 20 minutes to the center of Hanoi and other urban districts. Located in the new administrative center of the capital, where 8 ministries, 8 headquarters of the city and the Government are headquartered, owning the impressive growth rate of Hanoi, bringing many benefits in terms of convenient infrastructuresde velopment planning, forming a new, modern, luxurious urban area.



Secondly, about the development team, Starlake Apartment Complex developed by Daewoo E&C Group with extensive experience in project development in more than 47 countries, has affirmed its position in the world, which is a reliable and reputable partner in many fields.


Thirdly, in terms of uniqueness, Starlake has a full view of West Lake, the project is located next to two large parks, Hoa Binh Park, Huu Nghi Park … There is also an internal lake, up to 4.5ha in the urban project for residents to comfortably enjoy the green space with the fresh air.


Fourthly, in terms of utility, Starlake is designed with a self-contained utility like a miniature city than a luxury resort. Residents of all age groups can find a form of entertainment and relaxation suitable for many facilities such as four-season swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basketball court, golf screen with screen, shared reception area, BBQ area, community room …


Fifthly, on the level of product complete status, the apartment complex of Starlake Luxury Apartment Complex is equipped with many devices to show the luxury class, using materials from famous brands in the world such as Korea, America …


Sixthly, about the residential community, Starlake Apartment Complex is a convergence of high-class residents, artists, foreign experts, businessmen with financial potential, high educational level and status in society. Because to buy an apartment here, customers have to invest not a small cost, with an average selling price of 6-8 billion / unit.


Seventhly, about the urban synchronous service, Starlake Luxury Apartment Complex is located in an area of 2.5 hectares, Starlake is an urban area with perfect planning and perfect design based on experience and ideas of Daewoo E&C, a renowned Korean real estate developer, creates a harmonious combination between architectural and construction elements and still respecting the natural environment. It’s enough to develop a multitude of utilities ranging from medical services, education, to world-class commercial and financial services on a technical infrastructure operated by a professional management unit.


Eighthly, in terms of finance, the investor of THT Development Company Limited is a unit with financial potential and guaranteed from of BIDV and Shinhanbank (along with construction management by DAEWOO E&C Group, with 40 years of experience developing high-rise projects in Korea).



Customers only have to complete up to 30% of the total value of the apartment. The rest amount, Daewoo E&C investor had co-operator with banks to support loan packages for customers when buying houses from Vietcombank, Shinhanbank, MB banks. Specifically, customers will be able to borrow interest-free loans for a maximum of 24 months and are supported from other fees such as service management fees, parking fees.


Ninthly, in terms of apartment management, the investor has signed a management contract with CBRE – which is known as one of the largest real estate service companies headquartered in the US, professional and experienced in managing high-class urban areas, understanding domestic and foreign markets. CBRE’s service quality can satisfy even the most demanding residents.


Tenthly, in term of legal, the Starlake Apartment Complex project has fully completed all legal papers, approved by the competent authority to transparently open for sale.


So price isn’t everything.


The investor of the Starlake Apartment Complex project in the Central Area of Tay Ho Tay Urban Area, Hanoi, THT Development Co., Ltd. also agrees that the selling price is not the only standard to define the standards for luxury apartments and confirm the poor classification by selling prices. The top standard of this business is to serve the residents. Therefore, only ” the apartments that serve the best living needs of residents” is the factor that confirm the best and most luxurious apartments.

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